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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blow Up! Cinema

Have I ever told you about 'Blow Up!'?

Well, let me explain to you. Blow Up! is a blogger club at my campus. It is not official yet but our friendship is getting stronger by doing every-blog-thing together. For this week, we decided to watch a movie together and write a review about it. Because of I am really into movie, it is I who responsible to provide the movie and choose the best review. But first I asked what movie we are gonna watch. There are six options.

1. Johnny English Reborn
I have write a review about it HERE :D

2. Puss in Boots
I have watched it but not reviewed yet here.
I do not have idea when I have time to do that :(

3. Real Steel
Have not watch and of course not reviewed yet :'(

4. In Time
Watched and reviewed! Read about it HERE :D

5. Haunters
I just wrote about it HERE :D

6. Saw 1-7
Eeuuhhh, you know I will not watch the kind of movie like this.
Why? Take a look HERE :o

And the winner is Johnny English Reborn!

We will watch it tomorrow. It is gonna be fun fun fun fun :D

But sadly, I think I will not watching with other because I have to prepare ABS's show. It is H-7!! I am getting nervous and stress more and more. Wish me luck guys :D

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