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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kaleidoscope 2011: Life

I have reviewed my MOVIES, BOOKS, CAMPUS LIFE and MUSIC in 2011 yesterday and this is the time to move to the last part, LIFE!

Let me I wrote my past-12-months life here. For you, who always read and click my blog might be remembering. Well, I will spread it once again :D

- I wrote a short story in letter form entitled “Perang Dingin” to’s project called #STUPM. You can read my writing by order the book here.
- I ordered a pair of UP’s wedges for myself. I always love wedges, though I am not sure I could stick on it. I ordered Kate two tone and the shoes are perfect as I expected!

- Finally I met my fellas of Writing Session. We set a met up in Reading Light at Tuesday afternoon and had a nice chit chat. Too bad we didn’t take any picture together. And we welcome a new admin, Rheza.

I signed up for Course Le Francais. It was fun enough and nice to learn another foreign language.

- I had the most shame afternoon ever. Read it here.
- Held a seminar with my bloggers, Blow Up! Good job everybody!

I presented a play as Nora from The Doll House. It was haunt me for days. But I like it thou.

I got my self a new haircut, very short for me. It was a record!

My ‘Almost 20’ birthday and I decided to wear a vein forever. Read it here.

my first try :)

My class went to U.S Embassy and Ancol. It was really fun fun fun. Read it here.

Writing Session + Pedemu Negeri had blast my nationality for good. Check this cool t’shirt out

- I and my friends made a short movie for our class. Watch it below.

- Used train as transportation to Cimahi for the first time. No traffic!
- Got an email about my The Real Azid novel. It’s gonna be sell in Scoop

- I applied a job as a teacher for several institutions. It didn’t work well
- I join as volunteer
- I got 527 for my ITP TOEFL test

- My life is full of deadlines and I almost died (joking)
- Applied for IELSP but I failed.
- Attended my friend’s wedding for the first time. It is kinda make me think about my wedding :p

- I made a very big and risky decision which I want to make long time ago. But I took it back.

- The Real Azid published in Scoop. You can get it here.

- Be a co-director for ABS’s show. It was amaaaziiinnnnggg! Read it here.

Actually, there are a lot of things that happened to in 2011. But I decided to keep it for myself because it is too private or I am just too happy to share with you guys hehehehe.

At last, thank God, Allah SWT, to still gives me a chance to live my life. Alhamdulillah. I wish everything is getting better in 2012 :’)

Happy new year :D ;D :D



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