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Saturday, March 1, 2014

2014 So Far: February

Personal Life Moment
- #JJC’s folder is corrupted /unreadable . So sad to losing all the references that I’ve been collected from last year. Hiks.
- Bruno Mars’ performance at Superbowl Halftime Show 2014. Love the dance!
- Dakota Johnson on Elle March 2014’s cover. The interview video was beautifully edited. Love (and still searching) the song.
- I AM IN A SLUMP! #FinalPaper
- My phones was kinda error. The screen displayed ‘connected to PC’ many times. Is it a cue to buy a new one?
- Finally, I got news from the publisher!
- Kelud Mountain erupted. The news was nothing to me until the volcanic dust came to Bandung.
- BAFTA Awards. Check all the winners here.
- I was notified that I was selected to join GagasMedia’s First Reader Workshop. Still can’t believe though. Why they telling me weeks after 5 Feb, the deadline time they announce the participants?
- Sent the first 30 pages of #JJC to Stiletto Books . Wish me luck! :)

Books I read
- Dirty Little Secret *best read*
- Good Fight
- Nulis itu ‘Dipraktekin’
- Mamacolle, Vol 1
- Vampire Academy

Movies I watched

Songs I listen to
- Bruno Mars – Treasure
- Jonas Brothers – Pom Poms
- Miss A – Good Bye Baby
- Lea Michele – You’re Mine
- Girls’ Generation ‘s 4TH Mini Album ‘Mr.Mr.’

Random pictures

The reviews are coming in weeks

Paris' padlock

My new favorite show! It is so funnnnyyyyy. No wonder they won Golden Globes

I'm gonna read it, as soon as I watched the movie

Domino's American All Star

My 5th UP, Rumi Royals (Royals)

This month recipe, banana chocolate springroll

How pleasant to have a movie theater for myself *sarcastic tone*

Ugh, the 4th book that I bought this month. Simamora's writing definitely becomes my guilty pleasure.

It has a happy ending, but why am I so sad?

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