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Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 So Far: March

Personal Life Moment
- Bailed on Kampus Fiksi Workshop at Togamas Buah Batu for some silly excuses. 
- The Oscars. Check all the winners (and the epic selfie) here.
- Checked upcoming releases for Indonesia on IMBd. The result was a shock.
- Read the news about a college student girl murdered by her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Their age still under 20. Sick!
- Watch Jamie Dornan’s interview about the way he used to walk. Hilarious!
- The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine Nine renewed. Yay!
- Jokowi run for president! Yay or nay?
- Karaokean 3 jam with friends, dinner at Solaria. So fun!
- Naskah #JJC ditolak :’(
- Download folder was corrupted/unreadable. Then the laptop crashed. Why this keeps happening?

Books I read
- Mamacolle, Vol. 2
- Mamacolle, Vol. 3
- Mamacolle, Vol. 4
- Five non-fiction books from First Reader workshop

Movies I watched

Songs I listen to
- Divergent’s soundtracks

Random pictures

My currently hunger cure

Read my review of Jatuh Cinta Diam-Diam here. The review of another books are coming next week

What a damp, damp carpet

Bought a new flashdisk for make sure I don’t lost any data again

My 6th UP, Dahnia Cocktail

I found this show very unique. Many stories in one night!

A new phone, what. Whaaaaat? *IYKWIM*

A serial killer should not be this sexy #TheFall

Kembali bimbingan!

My favorites, Eiffel Tower and Rain

Recipe of the Month, Chicken Katsu

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