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Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 So Far: April

Personal Life Moment
- I started downloaded and watched TV Series on my phone. How cool is that?
- I was revising my paper in campus’ library and then submit it in the same day. Fuiiihhh! But don’t ever try this.
- Heard news about sexual assault in Jakarta International School. It was very, very cruel and disgusting
- My laptop was back with nothing on it. None left.
- Heard an update from my publisher. It was not very good news but I’m willing to learn and write more
- BM Group, 'Waktu Itu'. So looooong, guys :’)
- My heart jumped when watched news about Virgin Australia plane that assumed to be hijacked. But it turned out to be a drunk and confuse passenger. Oh, well.
- Submit my #TSE outline to @BulanNarasi writing competition.

Books I read
- Satu Hari Saja (Just One Day #1) *best read*
- Bared to You (Crossfire #1)
- Meet Lame, part 1 – 19
- Meet Cute, part 1

Movies I watched
- Frozen
- Captain America: The Winter Soldier
- The Other Woman

Songs I listen to
- Let It Go – Idina Menzel
- Shakira – Empire
- Ashilla – Me & You
- Glee Cast – Lovefool

Random pictures

First Readers second and last meeting

Aprils books. Gonna read (and review) them soon

Oh, Dornan.

Eiffel thingy

Giveaway from @sipenulisdotcom, Song of Will

Legislatif election

#TantanganNulis class with @JiaEffendie. New experience, new friends

My new favorite meal, Baso Urat Borma Margacinta

Bought several second books (guilty as charged)

Recipe of the month, Egg Rolls

Train trip tuuut, tuuut, tuuuut!

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