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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keep Calm and Read This

Just found and read the serial from these blogs. Let me spread to you :)

The story is about Alana Notodiharjo, a beautiful young woman. She is alcoholic and insomniac. She has a gang named The Ngocols. Alana just live with her father and never know who is her mother. But she stops think about it because her dad will never answer that question. I just read two chapter of the story and do not where the story goes yet. It is a fun story, written by fun words and I really enjoy read it. Click the blue title to go to the story :)

This is a fanfic between The Twilight Saga, some Disney stars and other talented young stars. The main character is Taylor Alison Swift. Taylor and her friend, Demi, just got a new school. She is looking for some cute guys in her new school. I still reading the story and it is really good one. The unique thing is every chapter is explain by many point of view of the characters. So you can know what is on Edward Cullen's mind and others. I bet you should read it too. Do not forget to click the blue title to go to the story :)

Then I remember about the story that I have write and published it online. The story titled, 3 Anak Kucing.


I have explain it before here. The story is about a love triangle between Friesca, Tama and Udith. The story is so 'labil' and full of drama. I can not remember why I write this story. I have no idea if I am gonna write the serial like that once again. It is fun. But let think about it later :)

It an old story but you can read it to killing your time until Magrib comes or our Sundanese called it 'ngabuburit. Please enjoy :)

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