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Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 So Far: May

Personal Life Moment
- My collage friend’s baby boy passed away. So sad.
- I felt like my body is restless. Dunno why.
- Vimeo blocked in Indonesia. The drama was insane.
- My BFF read #JJC and she loved it!
- Internet is on again in my house. Hurrraaaay!
- Made a Birthday Giveaway, the prize is book of your choice + shipping fee . You can enter here!
- Joined Haru Blog Tour. I’ll review one book published by Penerbit Haru and make a giveaway too. Just stay tune in this blog.
- Maya Angelou passed away.
- Wrote a novel in a month for writing competition Bulan Narasi. The title is The Sweet Escape. Finally uploaded it in the last day, after tried for the forth times.

Books I read
- Meet Cute, part 1-8
- Meet Lame, part 20
- Allegiant *best read*
- Marriage With (out) Sex, part 1-7

Movies I watched
- The Amazing Spiderman: Rise of Electro
- Luntang Lantung
- Marmut Merah Jambu

Songs I listen to
- Alicia Keys ft Kendrick Lamar - It's On Again
- Toheart – Delicious
- Michael Jackson – I Was a Loser
- Tulus - Baru

Random pictures

Recipe of the month, Honey Lemon Drinks

Hot mask!

Approved by Danny Castellano

A gift from publisher

Lomba Musik Angklung Padaeng 8

My own power bank. Thanks @ppermatasari

My 7TH UP, Lexa Purple

Tulis Nusantara Writing Workshop. Read here

The rest of May’s books

My Sweet Escape

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  1. Such a scrapbook. This post reminds me about something old that I'd almost forgotten.

    Btw, Luntang Lantung is movies adaptation from book by Roy Saputra, right?

  2. Iya, Luntang Lantung itu film adaptasi dari novel dengan judul yang sama ;D


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