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Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 So Far: Augustus

Personal Life Moment
- Fasting to pay the ones I didn’t do on Ramadhan month. Two days left.
- Kinda obsessed with SM's new girl group, Red Velvet (Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy). But I always wanted an ombre hair before they are doing it.
- Bought dental floss to solve my tooth problem.
- Just realized I can use my smartphone as a WiFi HotSpot. Technology!
- Wrote a short story for #JCDD2 writing competition. The title is ‘Janji Makan Siang’. You can read here.
- RIP Robin Williams :(
- The final episode of Summer Break Season 2 was not as good as the previous season. Looking forward for the next season tho.
- Bought 16G memory card. Now I can copy so many files without worried about the space hahahaha.
- Heard news about my past crush. He is engaged. Kinda shocked but I am happy for him.
- Found a site where I can watch so many movies and tv series for free and no string attached. I used the opportunity to catch season 4 of Chuck.
- Finished my 2014 Goodreads reading challenge. Read 52 books but this is not the end. I will read more.
- Got ill for two weeks. First week was about my sinusitis. And the second week was about my wisdom teeth.
- PLL #FatalFinale. Spoiler, Mona Vanderwall dies.
- Discussed my draft with a friend. He read it in a day and had a lot of good advice. Thanks Judika!
- Got selected to host a blog tour again. This time is from Stiletto Books and they are gonna give books for free. Stay tune here around the middle of September, guys.
- Met Ab and Cchyn again at Ciwalk. 
- Signed myself to join #TantanganMenulis GagasMedia again.

Books I read
- Ultra Cute, vol 1 - 3, 6 -7
- Rahasia Menulis Kreatif

Movies I watched
- We're the Millers

Songs I listen to
- 4L (Four Ladies) - Move
- SPICA - I Did It
- Taemin - Danger & Ace
- Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
- Ariana Grande - My Everything (album)

Random pictures

Creative snacks. Read about it here and here

Tantangan Menulis with Windry Ramadhina. Read my report here.

My new favorite of Es Teller 77, Mie Ayam Pedas Komplit.

Reunited with my high school friend, Rima.

A gift from GagasMedia.

Recipe of the Month, Ayam Kuluyuk

Bulan Narasi’s Awarding Night. Read my experience here.

My friends’ graduation day.

Books of the month part I. The review of Raditya Dika’s ebook is coming tomorrow.

One of two bags that I bought from Zalora

Books of the month part II. I could not handle my self XD

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