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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 So Far: September

Personal Life Moments
- Went to my campus, just to go to the library and looking for references. By the way, for the second time in my collage life, I borrowed a book ;p
- Went to Ngopi Doeloe for the first time and ordered Almond Chocolate. Yum, but then I was sick in the next day.
- Subscribed to Zoella's second channel on Youtube, 'MoreZoella' and addicted to her vlogs.
- Didn't won in Kompetisi Menulis Cerpen #JDCC2.
- Bought a shirt and a blue long skirt at BIP.
- Watched Cardcaptor Sakura and Coffee Prince in marathon mode.
- Taman Film and #204BDG. Yeaaay.
- Joined and 'completed' New Author Reading Challenge in one day hehehe. Oh, I finished Indonesia Romance Reading Challenge too.
- Visited my high school friend's house. She just gave a birth to a cute baby boy who has an awesome name. And on that day, I became a babysitter of a twin girls.
- Some of my friends finally have a account on BBM and Line. So glad that we communicate more easily now.
- Several serious and frustation problems popped up on my smartphone. It kinda forced me to uninstall apps. But it gave me a chance to try and install new apps, like Evernote, Pocket and Eyefish Pro. I like it a lot.
- My mom informed me that she chatted with my supervisor. OMG
- #ShameOnYouSBY #ShameByYou #ShameOnYouAgainSBY
- Massaged my foot by myself. It turned out feel so good and refreshing.
- Finally found my Eiffel Tower bookmark. Sooo happy ;D

Books I Read 
- Remember When 
- The Lover's Dictionary 
- Distance 
- Ai 
- Black Bird, vol. 17—18
- Beautiful Liar 
- Velvet Kiss, vol 1 - 4
- We Quit Us
- Remember Paris
- The Maze Runner
- Finchickup

Movies I Watched 
- The Great Gatsby
- The Maze Runner

Songs I Listen To 
- Nick Jonas - Jealous
- 2PM - Go Crazy and I'm Your Man
- Chris Brown (ft. Ariana Grande) - Don't Be Gone Too Long 
- TaeTiSeo - Holler
- Nicole Scherzinger - On The Rocks
- Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

Random Pictures

Got these books for a blog-tour-and-giveaway event ;D

Books of the Month

Girls' night out

Gift from the publisher

Gift from #HBDLea, a review contest

Recipe of the Month, Martabak Telur

Bought books via PengenBuku

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