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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: December and All

Personal Life Moments 
- I won Resensi Pilihan Gramedia for the third time.
- Without upgrade or re-install, actually I still can export the videos. Just choose .avi format.
- In a week, Zoella's debut young adult novel entitiled Girl Online became the highest debut best seller. Then news about she using a ghostwritten popped up. The publishing company comfirmed that Zoe didn't write the novel by herself. Indirectly, Zoe agreed on that statement. But the young fans/viewers cannot accept that.
- In season finale of Revenge, one of main character killed off. That characters was my inspiration of JJC. So saaaaaad,
- Downloaded and installed Snapchat just for add Grace Helbig hehehe. Add me, dhanarun
- Pre-ordered Koala Kumal as a birthday and graduation gift for my best friend. The book came in the last day of 2014.
- Sent my review of Finchickup to a review competition. Hope it wins.
- Finished Books to Movies - Self Reading Challenge.
- Reunited with my collage friends at Crumble and Bites, Mayfair Building, Sukajadi. It was super fun.
- Went to Jogyakarta by trains.
- 28 Dec, AirAsia QZ8501 went missing an hour after took off. 30 Dec, BASARNAS found the pieces and goods from the plane. The evacuation is still going right now. My deep condolences for the families, friends and the company.
 - In the end of the year, my dad choose to renovated the house. Chaos everywhere.
- Wrote kaleidoscope posts, Recipes, Movies, Music and Reading Challenges.

Books I Read 
- An Abundance of Katherine 
- As Seen On TV
- The Darkest Mind
- The Chronicles of Audy: 21
- Paper Towns
- Never Fade 
- Simple Thinking about Blood 2 
- Somewhere in Paris 
- The Scorch Trials

Movies I Watched
- Supernova: Ksatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh

Songs I Listen To 
- Leighton Meester - Heartstrings 
- Lula Blanc - Like Beyonce
- Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato - Up
- Gary - Shower Later

Videos I Recorded 
- Unread Books Tag 
- Insurgent Trailer Reaction 
- Upcoming Book to Movie Adaptation in 2015
- December Book Haul 

Random Pictures

My first lunch at Suis Butcher

The prize of Resensi Pilihan

Recipe of the Month, Ayam Mercon

Books of the Month. Watch me haul them here

Jogya Trip. I'm so obsessed with trains.

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